Using your head in any business helps you rise to the top, always.
The models that succeed are those that figure it out, and use their brains as well as their beauty. It is more than how you look. It may start there, but it could end there as well.

Don't take advice from your friend down the street, your boyfriend, or a loving family member on how to become a model-- unless they were a top model and worked in a major market.

Be ready to hear NO more than YES and get tough

There is nothing to lose by finding out your potential in this business. Some have tried more than once. If we have not met you, just send in your snapshots and contact us, in this "BECOME A MODEL" section you will find requirements and instruction to make your application

If you are accepted, we work with you one on one. There are no short cuts. Timing is everything.
You may have something special to offer this business, so be smart about it and find out.

Use your head to be successful , and your heart for everything else.

Thank you


174cm or taller, by age 16
Please take the following images using a normal point and shoot digital camera or good quality camera phone.
The images must be in colour and must not be manipulated or photo-shopped at all.
Please do not wear make up or hair products as we would like to see you as naturally as possible.
Try to take the images against a plain background

headshots (if you have long hair please hold it away from your face for a shot)
headshots smiling
full lengths in swimwear or figure hugging clothes

Please include the following measurements


the size of the pictures must not exceed 5mb
mail to: scouting@luxxmodels.com
We look forward to receiving your application.

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